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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The boy in the bus

The boy was wearing Aranda elementry red shirt, short pants, he was carrying a huge backpack which bigger than him. His brown eyes just captured my attention. By looking at his body languange , he looked tired and probably hungry, but his eyes look very peacefull. Compare to an old public servant sat next to him, his eyes were telling me a sad story. Maybe the boy is glad that he will meet his parent and siblings, who will provide him with food and love, he doesn't need to worry about anything else. The old man will go back to an empty appartement, with have a take out from turkish restaurant, and have his dinner in front of the television.

i remember my fav bible story that i haven't think about it for long. It's about Him saying "Let the children come". Many..many.. years ago, i used to say " i will stay like child forever, coz He love kids" . It was the wrong perception of the verse, the boy in the bus help me to get it right. It's not about the kids or staying like children, but he was putting an example of a child.
A child does not know "Worry" ," Scared", "Lust", "Bad" or " Good". A child see and does what the parent does. A child owns a blind-trust toward his parent, he will believe that his parent won't do him any harm, or tell him to do something wrong, his parent will always love him, and nurture him.

Thank you for the boy in the bus

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