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Friday, January 28, 2011


“when you’re getting married in catholic church , it’s for life , you can’t get divorce”

Hands up.. people… who believe in this notion!!!!!!

Well I did, I heard this notion from my mom, family, friends, teachers, but now that I think about it.. never from a priest…

Getting married in Catholic Church IS NOT a death sentence.
Yes, you can’t get divorce under Catholic church, BUT you could get an annulment ; Both has the same conclusion : you don’t have to stay in un-happy marriage.

Think about it……

If the Catholic Church FORCE people to be miserable by staying in an un-happy marriage? Where’s the universal love that the church have been preaching for centuries????

Personally , i know some people who stay in un-happy marriage because they made that commitment of being married under Catholic laws.

Well… go and talk to a priest…. , ask for an annulment. You and your partner will have to go to couple counseling, catholic church strongly suggest to give your marriage another try under church supervision, and if it doesn’t work, then the church will agree to give you an annulment, and divorce.

So you could live your life, being true to your self and have another chance to be happy.

DIVORCE is NOT a sin, lying to yourself IS A SIN!

I found a good sourcef from Catholics Australia , it's all you need to know about divorce and how catholic view it

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo Essay: 20 Amazingly Creative Works of Paper Art

Photo Essay: 20 Amazingly Creative Works of Paper Art: "
Paper art is about so much more than a finely executed paper plane. Scope these 20 awesome examples.

crane origami silhouette

1. Crane origami designed by Roman Diaz and Daniel Naranjo, and folded from 37 x 37cm paper by artist Emre Ayaroglu.

tiny green frog origami on coins

2. Tiny frog origami designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki, and folded from 2 x 2cm paper by artist Emre Ayaroglu.

paper art flower pattern

3. Seven modular paper pieces forming a flower pattern. Artwork and photography by artist Elod Bregszaszi.

book dissection

4. Book Dissection by artist Brian Dettmer. The book edges are sealed and the artist works through the pages with surgical tools. Nothing is added, only removed as the book’s fragmented hidden memory is revealed. All photos used with owner’s permission.

3D colorful paper illustrations

5. Colorful 3D paper illustrations by artist Yulia Brodskaya.

Wall-E origami

6. Wall-E robot origami folded from an uncut square. Artwork and photography by artist Brian Chan. Photo used with owner’s permission.

circular paper art

7. “Innerings” has four identical sides with circles, which come together to form a whole. Basic elements, such as water and fire, are added to the circles. The work can be folded inwards to a two-dimensional surface. Artwork and photography by artist Ingrid Siliakus. Photo used with owner’s permission.

Sagrada Familia paper art

8. Two pieces inspired by Gaudi’s Barcelona masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. Artwork and photography by artist Ingrid Siliakus. All photos used with owner’s permission.

Icosahedron II paper art

9. “Icosahedron II” made from paper & adhesive. Artwork and photography by artist Richard Sweeney. Photo used with owner’s permission.

Partial Shell paper art

10. “Partial Shell” made from watercolor paper. Artwork and photography by artist Richard Sweeney. Photo used with owner’s permission.

paper cut sculptures

11. Paper cut sculptures by artist Peter Callesen. All photos used with owner’s permission.

white shadows paper art

12. “White Shadows” made from watercolor paper and glue. Artwork and photography by artist Eleanor Lutz.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I was watching American’s next top model (ANTM)cycle 15, one of the episode is about Teen bullying, the girls were asked about their bully word, and their power word. Mr.Jay’s bully word was a band geek, and his power word is creative genius. One of the girls cries when she has to face her bully word, which is Queer, and her power word is Free

Then, I was thinking of my bully word, hehe I just realized that there are too many bully words
In primary school, there was this girl, she bullied me, and funny things what she did to me, and I’m doing it to other people (My friend thinks that I’m a bully)

• I pronounced “Magneto” from X-MAN “ Mangeto” . She laughed at me, called me stupid and tell everyone about my stupidity. (oh yeah.. she also called me a chicken, in literal meaning, my head bobs up and down ..)
I just realise that I love telling other people about someone’s stupidity, and laugh at them.

• I always have been a big girl, so my friend teased me about my weight. When I confront them, they told me that it’s the truth. Even though the name-calling destroy in my self-esteem, I felt I’m ugliest girl on earth, and no one is going to marry me, but it’s the truth, and if I can’t handle the truth, it means that I’m weak.

And I like to tell people about the truth that they don’t want to hear. I called many people weak, in my defense( tyring to justify my horrible action ) I was always trying to help, and motivate them to change.
And if you know me, many more…..

In Indonesia, the teen suicide rate due bullying is fairly lower than the west. WHY?

Maybe we’re a nation with tough mentality, we’re able to take jokes, or maybe we’re a nation that IGNORE our emotional problem.

Among other problems that most Indonesian endures this is mostly evolved around MONEY; the common goals /way of thinking are:

How am I going to put food on the table? Where am I going to live? Who’s going to look after my family? I hate my job, but I need the money.
Emotional problems have never been dealt with. They’re shoved aside; the more pressing concern is MONEY.

I asked my friend, what’s bullying in Indonesian?

Their answer s are
1. Bullying = Menyiksa
2. Ngata2in, semacem gencet
3. Penataran , plonco
4. Mencemooh, mengejek, mempermainkan (harus digabung jadi satu kalo gak tidak mengambarkan maksudnya )

My translation of Bullying to Indonesian is “tindakan yg menyakitkan hati ( “kakehane”, “nyerike”, “nylekit” ,”dapuran cangkem e kurang beres” kalo basa semarangnya :P )

We’re all DID it; we bullied our friends, siblings, family, or just random people on the street.
We hassle each other, it’s how we BOND.
To what point though?

I hide all my tears from her ( the bully in primary school) , I acted tough , if I cry I know that she would called me a ‘cry baby’ , so I just laughed with a smile on my face when she make fun of me ( which was constant, she was in after school study group) . I wonder Did she mean it as joke? Did she realise how much she was hurting me?

To my dear friends who might be victim to my bullying… I’m sorry .
But … the ANTM excersise help me to this realization.

So.. What’s your bully word? What’s your power word?

My bully words : big fat stupid wierdo . My power word is Unique

Side story :
After the primary school , we went to different junior high school, we went to the same high school though, we’re sort of in the same circle of friends, and I did stood up to her, by standing up I gave her own medicine, I laughed at her stupidities. I have to admit, it gave the satisfaction. And at that point in high school, I went on to bully other people with her ‘technique’ of bullying.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

The true OZ spirit

Queensland’s premier Anna Bleigh with teary eyes said
"As we weep for what we have lost, and as we grieve for family and friends and we confront the challenge that is before us, I want us to remember who we are. We are Queenslanders. We're the people that they breed tough, north of the border. We're the ones that they knock down, and we get up again.This weather may break our hearts ... but it will not break our will "

After the water reside, with more than 30,000 homes destroyed and filled with mud, at least 20,000 volunteers so they called ‘Broom and Bucket squad’ came to stranger’s house with their broom and bucket and start cleaning the thick mud.

There are many heroic stories when the flood hit. The one that brings tears in my eyes is the story of 13 years old boy - Jordan Rice

Jordan, his brother (Blake) and his mother were trapped in a car when a flash flood swept through Toowoomba. Jordan was terrified of water and couldn't swim. But as the teenager crouched on the top of his mother's car - water raging around them - he begged a rescuer to save his little brother Blake first.

The rope tying mother and son to the car snapped and the pair was tossed into the swirling floods before the stranger/truckie that pulled Blake to safety was able to return for them.

I have lived in Australia for 3 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen an ‘OZ spirit’. My impression for the people from the land down under has been ‘Ignorant, commercialism, they had it easy but they still complain about it’,’ lack of compassion’. Well that’s what portrayed by the OZ media.

An example: During the rebellion war in Bangladesh 2009, most media all over the world focused on how thousands lost their homes, and died. At the same time, OZ media was focusing on how we should treat the HORSES that are not fit for race anymore. What’s the humane way of ‘disposing’ these HORSES?

The media doesn’t like to discuss big issues like War, conflicts, or poverty in their own backyard which endured by the Aboriginals, etc..

But looking at how people come together in this crisis, it just shows that Australians has great compassion in them. If the media educate people on the big issues, they would show their ‘OZ Spirit’ once again.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Deakin Univeristy lends a hand to its current and future students impacted by Queensland flood

Deakin Univeristy lends a hand to its current and future students impacted by Queensland flood

The Assistance Package includes :
• Financial Grants of up to $1,000 to replace essential study materials and equipment.
• Priority access to on-campus accommodation.
• Priority access to the University rental assistance scheme (to help with the cost of renting off-campus.)
• Book Vouchers for academic books and materials from the on-campus book shops (courtesy of DUSA).
• Interest Free Loans of up to $2,000.
• Free trauma and grief counselling.

great student work: nook coffee table

great student work: nook coffee table: "

It’s always amazing to see what student designers are up to these days. This fantastic coffee table was designed by product design student David Pickett at the The Cleveland Institute of Art. Inspired by the idea of “a bookshelf crash-landing into a coffee table and creating a ’4th leg’”, David created a table that integrates a beautiful shelving unit. I love how simple but still complex this fields. I can already think of some beautiful coffee table books that would look right at home in here. Click here to check out David’s nook table online right here. xo, grace


Soon, your life will be nothing but Facebook

Soon, your life will be nothing but Facebook: "


Friday, January 7, 2011

ROLY by Bruno Erpicum

ROLY by Bruno Erpicum: "

Photo © Jean-Luc Laloux

This is a small outbuilding which has been extended and transformed into a house – now a bed and breakfast. The aim was to introduce steel sheets into the existing structure to create a mezzanine floor; the aim then was to extend these sheets outdoors in order to create a living room enclosed solely in glass which opens out generously into the natural surrounding environment. The architect has taken care to blend the new elements into the existing building. The work carried out has not been to the detriment of the old building. The original heavy and solid features of the old building are still clear for all to see, and these features contrast with the extremely soft touch of the more recent work which has been carried out, the intention of which is obvious: the inclusion of features which create a contrast and which are not a close replication of the existing features. (Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners)

Photos © Jean-Luc Laloux

Who: Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

What: Bed and breakfast

Where: Belgium

When: 2002

How: Expansion and renovation of a small outbuilding

Total Floor Area: 430 square feet (40m²)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to (fully) integrate WordPress with Facebook

How to (fully) integrate WordPress with Facebook: "

There are a number of Facebook tutorials, including my own offering examples of FBML to add additional functionality to a Facebook fan page.

However, on many occasions these tutorials fall short of the mark, with no server side functionality currently available via FBML, connecting to databases, or consuming information from other sources is difficult.Third party services fill the gap, but are often expensive, or cumbersome to implement.

One of the most common questions I get asked regarding FBML is how to integrate a WordPress blog, or blog posts on a Facebook fan page tab. This tutorial takes you through the steps of doing just that, with no third party application required.

For my own Facebook page, I have opted to offer exclusive content (not available on my main blog) via Facebook. In addition to that, fans and non fans see a different opening tab, giving them incentive to ‘Like’ the page.

Here’s what we are going to end up with:

1). A tease and reveal tab created via a Facebook application
2). Exclusive content which is only available to Facebook fans
3). Some added spice in the form of Facebook Javascript (FBJS) to cycle the posts elegantly.

Here’s what the final result looks like:

See the example live here. (Obviously) you’ll have to fan this page to see the posts.

Step by Step

Here’s what we need to do. Step by Step.

1). Create a new WordPress category to house the exclusive content
Find the new category ID
Exclude the category ID from your RSS feed and main blog
4). Obtain a Facebook application key and application secret
5). Download the latest Facebook libraries.
6). Setup a directory in the root of your WordPress install
7). Ammend and upload the required files
8). Change Facebook application settings to point to your new files.

Step 1. Create the new category

A relatively simple process, creating a new category in WordPress is as simple as going to the category section and adding the details. Further information (for those who need it) can be found on the codex.

Doesn’t really matter what you call this. The important part of the process, is working out what the unique “category ID” for the newly created category is.

Step 2. Find the new category ID

The category ID can be found simply from within the WordPress admin section. When you have created the new category simply hover over its name, and you’ll see this in the toolbar..


Unsurprisingly, cat_ID represents the new category ID. Keep this handy, as you are going to need it to exclude the category from your main blog.

Step 3. Exclude the category

There are three places we are going to remove this category. One is the sidebar of your WordPress blog, the other is inside the main blog loop – and finally the third is your RSS feed.

1) Removing from the sidebar

See Under ‘ Hiding the category for the sidebarin this post, which uses a very similar technique to create a custom newsletter using WordPress.

2 & 3) Removing from the main loop and RSS

I’ve used a custom plugin that I’ve created to handle this. You can download it here, but please remember to set the $category_id_to_remove variable at the top of the plugin prior to upload. It looks something like this for you code junkies curious.

add_filter('pre_get_posts', 'exclude_category');

function exclude_category($query) {


$category_id_to_remove = '-1127'; // this should be changed to the catID

$query->set('cat', $category_id_to_remove);
return $query;

Ammend, upload and install in the usual way that plugins are installed. To test that you have successfully excluded the category, simply create a post and assign it to that category. It shouldn’t appear in either your RSS feed, or your main blog. Sorted.

Step 4. Facebook app keys

To obtain Facebook application keys, you’ll have to create an application first. Visit this URL to begin the setup of a fresh application. You can call this whatever you like. Accept the terms and click next, you may be required to fill in a captcha prior to moving on. You’ll be presented with a number of options, which we will have to fill in later. Right now, the only tab you are interested in is the “Facebook integration” option. You should be able to click on that to obtain both the ‘application secret’ and ‘application key’. Save these as you’ll need them for later steps.

Step 5. Facebook API Libraries

Facebook don’t make things terribly easy for developers, as there’s a fair bit of hunting around before finding the API libraries for PHP. They do however make life much easier for getting the information out of the Graph API.

These are currently housed at Githubs, and are available via this download link.

Download and extract the class (facebook.php). (As this file may change / get updated). I have however included this at time of writing in the main demo download below.

Bear in mind that this is the new Graph API – and not the old Restful API.

Step 6. Setup a directory

You can do this locally, prior to installation. You’ll need a directory for images, and the main code files which I’ve already written for you.

Download the full zip folder here.

These connect through to WordPress etc . Should look something like this.

Facebook.php – The main API class downloaded earlier
incfunctions.php – Any additional PHP functions (I’ve used a trimming function to shorten my posts)
Index.php – The main FBML page used by Facebook
tinthumber.php – A generic image resize PHP script, makes things pretty.

Step 7. Ammend the files

The only file that you will have to deal with is “index.php” everything else should be fine as is. The following are the sections of code that may need tweaked.

Lines 7 & 8:

$appapikey = ‘YOUR API KEY HERE”;
$appsecret = ‘YOUR APP SECRET HERE’;

refer to Step 4 if you can’t remember what these are.

Line 9:

$main_app_location_http = ‘’;

Change this to whatever server domain you’ve installed on. Will be the same as the domain for your WordPress install, inside a sub directory.

Line 48:

$number_of_posts = 5;

Change this to determine the number of WordPress posts that will be shown / cycled through inside your FBML application.


AND $wpdb->term_taxonomy.term_id IN(1127)

Change 1127 to be the same category ID that you determined in Step 2.

Line 110:

Determines what image / HTML to show to visitors who aren’t currently fans of your page..

Save the file with your settings, and upload it. At this point viewing the URL in the browser ( should show you the content shown at line 110.

Step 8. Change Facebook settings

Now that your application has been created, and uploaded, all that is left to do is to perform a few tweaks to the application page to set it all up. Log back into Facebook and follow these steps:

To set the app settings

1) Visit the following Developer Apps URL
2) Select the application name that you set in step 4 and click edit settings.
3) Click Facebook Integration
4) Set the canvas page name to anything you want
5) Set the canvas URL to the HTTP location you uploaded everything to. (Will be the same as the variable $main_app_location_http used earlier.
6) Set canvas type to FBML
7) Set tab name to ‘Extra content’
8) Set tab URL to ‘index.php’

Save changes and click ‘Back to My Apps’ at the top of the page.

To add the application to your fan page

1) Click Application Profile Page
2) Click ‘Add to my Page’ – if you an admin of several fan page, select the appropriate one.
3) Visit your fan page
4) Click the + icon beside your tabs, and select ‘Extra Content’

Voila! That should be you up and running now, having created your first Facebook FBML application. Simples!

You should be able to expand upon the code that I’ve provided, and I’ll be adding to my own offering as I now have a fair idea how things work. Next stage will be to perhaps syndicate some RSS, or integrate my Twitter account.

Articles which proved to be useful:

Facebook JS slider – I’ve used a large proportion of this code to give the sliding left and right effect.

How to detect fan of a Facebook page. – Hooray for the REQUEST object giving additional information from Facebook. var_dump to the rescue.

Some things developers need to know when developing for Facebook

JQuery isn’t supported, Facebook don’t allow you to link to external scripts when creating a canvas application. Instead a JS library called FBJS is used. That said – an open source project to mirror JQuery functionality inside Facebook looks promising.

Body tag’s are not allowed inside FBML canvas.

When creating an application for a tab, some functionality will be restricted, particularly user auth calls as tabs can’t redirect.

$is_fan = $_REQUEST['fb_sig_is_fan']; this code works out if the current user session is a fan of the page or not without needing to find the user ID. The above paragraph explains why userId can’t be fetched normally.

Facebook tab widths for designs are 520px.


You can of course change the images which are used, and the surrounding HTML to create your own custom FBML app. Standard WordPress programming can be used because of the inclusion of the core libraries at the top of the script, so those of you familiar with writing plugins or custom code should be right at home. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

How to (fully) integrate WordPress with Facebook is a post from: Webdistortion