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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love never fade..

My 76 years old grandma cried hysterically after she read the obituary section in the loacl newspaper this morning. Her ex-partner ( my youngest auntie's dad) passed away, she wept " They only listed his 3 other wives, I'm not on the list, .......i had a child with him.......". then she begs my mom to take her to his funeral.

Mom never talked about her step-dad, well.. he wasn't really a dad for her, he lied to my grandma about his marital status, he made a promise to grandma that he would looked after her if she moved to a different city with him, then he didn't live up to his word, coz then abandon her and his child and he married a dutch lady(the 3rd wife). Mom also told me that He was quite the lady's man- half dutch half Chinese - tall, handsome.

I cried as soon as i heard the news, i could feel the pain that she's having. , It's really sad, my grandma wasn't so lucky in her lovelife, she left my grandpa because he wanted to have another wive(i guess it's a common practice back then), then her next relationship, she had to go through this horrible betrayal again. I would thought that she would hated her former partners. but... 40 +years after he left her, and it seems like she have her heart broken by him AGAIN.

I'm not quite sure why was she crying, did she still love him? or did he hurt her , and a news about him just remind her of the pain in the heart?

Hearing this story , i felt a sharp pain in my chest, the same feeling when i got my heart broken, the pain is still here, even though now I'm in love with this gorgeous, kindhearted man, who love me as much as i love him.

Well i did some research on this. The scientific term of broken heart is Takotsubo cardiomyopathy- where a traumatizing incident triggers the brain to distribute chemicals that weaken heart tissue. The physical implications are long and could be dangerous :
# A perceived tightness of the chest, similar to an anxiety attack
# Stomachache and/or loss of appetite
# Partial or complete insomnia
# Anger
# Shock
# Nostalgia
# Apathy (loss of interest)
  • # Feelings of loneliness
    # Feelings of hopelessness and despair
    # Loss of self-respect and/or self-esteem
    # Medical or psychological illness (for example depression)
    # Suicidal thoughts
    # Nausea
    # Fatigue
    # The thousand-yard stare
    # Constant or frequent crying
    # A feeling of complete emptiness
    # In extreme cases, death
Hm... i guess you could DIE of a broken heart.

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