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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sitting Is Killing You [Infographic]

Sitting Is Killing You [Infographic]: "

You’ve probably had a sneaking suspicion all that sitting isn’t so great for you and it turns out you’re right. Sitting is killing you; check out this infographic for the scientific low down.

The health impact of sitting is a topic of hot discussion these days– The New York Times covered the topic last month–and for good reason. All along we’ve known that sitting all day isn’t great for you but emerging research indicates that it’s not just a poor alternative to spending your day hiking the Appalachian Trail, it actually alters our bodies and decreases our health and lifespan. Check out the full infographic above, courtesy of for more stats and information.

Sitting Is Killing You [MedicalBillingandCoding via Daily Infographic]

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