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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What sort of Tweeter are you?

The many users of Twitter | GDS Publishing

The many users of Twitter
By Timon Singh | 12/15/09 - 16:09

What sort of Tweeter are you?

Be it promoting work, informing friends of your drunken escapades or following Stephen Fry for his latest witty insight, Twitter's usage has grown and developed over the past year. Used both as a business tool and a way of keeping up with the latest tabloid gossip, Twitter has overcome all the critics who thought that a 140-character blogging service had no future.

Not just that, but it is a social networking device that seemingly appeals to everyone - businessmen, celebrities, politicians and the general populous. However, it appears that not everyone uses Twitter for the same purpose. While the ability to send 140 character-long texts is open to everyone, people use the blogging services for different reasons and purposes.

As such, web guru, Guy Kawasaki has determined that there are six types of Twitter users, so which one are you?


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