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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Problem with Women Bosses

Andrew R. McIlvaine conducted a study about employee’s reaction regarding women bosses

I work in Marketing division of a big organistion, where most of the employees and bosses are female. Instead of calling my boss’s bosses a pack of BITCHES; I researched if it’s the case with female being in a leadership position. I tend to agree that some of his findings regarding problem with Women Boses are true.

From his research, the opinions about women bosses are as follows:

1.Women bosses were emotional and demanding, with "more to prove" and a penchant to "put on airs."

2."Women have a very narrow path to walk; they risk coming across as a doormat or a bitch," says Robert Sutton
When female bosses try to adopt the characteristics of male bosses -- assertiveness, decisiveness, etc. -- it often backfires, he says. But when they strive to be nice, they're seen as doormats.

3."You'd think female employees would be more understanding of female bosses, but research has consistently shown that women and minorities tend to buy into the stereotypes about themselves -- women tend to be sexist, African-Americans tend to be racist, and so on," he says. "It's pretty depressing."

4."The archetypal authority figure is one that reflects masculine qualities," she says.
"Women are stuck trying to mimic that, while still coming across as feminine, and it doesn't quite work. The fact is, women have fundamentally different approaches to managing than men -- they tend to be more collaborative, more relationship-focused -- yet they're under pressure to conform to the male model," Galbraith says.
Interestingly, as a female, I do feel like I have to mimic man in order to survive in the male dominated work place, and I feel that it’s better to be bitch than a doormat; at least I have some respects.

So… How should a women boss behave?
1.Communicate with your employee, start dialogues with your staff, and pleaseee…… one meeting isn’t enough. FOLLOW UP and FOLLOW THROUGH for your staff.

2.Recognize talents and appreciate your staff’s suggestion, opinions.

3.Be open to critique; make your employee feel at ease, that they could be honest with you.

4.Due to all 3 things above will make you ‘the doormat’, you have one ultimate weapon = The company’s polices, procedure and guideline. Use it and apply it. Adhere it.

This will result in a happier work environment, and happy employees will result in productivity.

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