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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

55 Colorful Masterpieces Of Vintage Advertisement

55 Colorful Masterpieces Of Vintage Advertisement: "

Here we have gathered some amazingly designed Vintage Ads that show how far we’ve come to portray the thinking and concept of old designers. Vintage ads are basically the advertisement of old era which when depicted in a creative manner becomes very captivating and enchanting.

This is the reason why Vintage Ads are so popular because they give a special feel which reveals the importance a designer give to layout and typography. These two factors make Vintage ads look so enthralling. I hope you enjoy them.

Western Electric (USA)


Vintage Cadillac Ad

Sony (USA)

General Electric Peter Max Clocks

Lots ‘O Teeth


Hertz Rent-A-Car Ad

CocoRibe liqueur

1951 Cadillac Ad

Ford Fairlane Convertible

Cake frosting in a can

Volkswagen 1

Lipton Soup mix

Western Electric telephones

Men’s clothing

Smoke Pretty. Eve

The Motorola Calypso portable record player

Western Electric phones

Western Electric phones

Church toilet seats

Milky Way candy bar, 1954

Kleenex dinner napkins, 1967

Monopoly game, 1967

Mod fashion from 1967

Old Gold Cigarettes

Chesterfield Ad 1940′s

Jet-Smooth Chevrolet02

Campbell’s Soup (USA)

Vintage Coke ad

butcher, 1967

Ronson Lighters. 1950

Northern Paper Towels Ad 1

CJSW vintage radio ad

Burroughs Corporation


Popular Photography Italiana 2 (Italy)

The Cat and the Corvette

Air Canada

Kelvinator FOODARAMA ad, 1955


Robt. Burns Panatela – 19610825 Life

Radio Vintage ad


Engineer’s Stroiga Project

Lubrication is a matter of timing

The Jester and the Tuxedo

Cut loose in Career Club Shirts

Retro giovani – 1967 – pubblicità

Miller High Life – 19490307 Life

Pontiac Tempest – 19610102 Life

Timex Computer (1982)

Pall Mall – 19561006 Post

Maxell Floppy Disk Robots Fortune Teller Advice (1988)

Colorful Philip Morris Cigarette Ad 2

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